I knew CAN DO was what I was looking for!

Since joining CAN DO I've gone from a couch potato to a crinkle cut fry. Seriously, I've lost about 25 pounds and I'm down to about 17% in body fat. More importantly, I actually now consider myself 'athletic' for the first time in my life - and I'm 48! So much so that I plan on doing my first Sprint Triathlon next Summer.

I truly owe this transformation to the inspiration and motivation I get from CAN DO. Although I haven't had the need for a personal trainer, I have utilized many of the specialty programs as part of my cross-training regimen.

CAN DO Princeton Member

I’ve been a member of CANDO for several years.  It is an outstanding facility with a staff that the ownership should be proud of.  In particular, I’d like to comment on Nancy McCorry who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting through the Spin Program.  As a person, she is friendly and engaging in and outside her classes with each individual member.  Spinners are made to feel welcome and cared about. She makes it a point to know their names and to encourage them during each workout session personally. 

Comment from CAN DO Princeton member

Marisa Simon helped me get over my "gym anxiety!"  Before I signed up with her I wasn't comfortable using the gym equipment and was wandering around CAN DO pretty much wasting time. Her calm, assuring expertise put me at ease and she answered all my questions, reviewing exercises until I was comfortable and able to do them correctly. I will say that  I enjoy coming to CAN DO now  since I was lucky enough to have Marisa  as my personal trainer. She helped me to get the most benefit from this wonderful gym.